Discover the ancient Aztec city and enjoy it´s architecture, history, art and religion.

We will visit the murals of Diego Rivera to see the main prehispanic cultures and a small part of the Templo Mayor Museum.

We finish with a delicious mezcal cocktail and Mexican insects snacks in the terrace of "La Casa de las Sirenas".



  1. Start with a coffee, at the roof top of El Mayor restaurant, while your art historian guide introduces you into the Aztecs culture, architecture, art and religion, with the view of the Templo Mayor pyramid.
  2. Visit a small part of the Templo Mayor Museum and appreciate about its architecture and culture, while you look at the pyramid. 
  3. Visit a pyramid recently discovered, underneath the Centro Cultural España.
  4. Stop to enjoy the view of a great roof top while you try a great mezcal cocktail and delicious Mexican insect snacks (or other options) and guacamole with chicharron and fresh cheese at La Casa de las Sirenas restaurant.
  5. Visit the National Palace with Diego Rivera´s murals, to learn about the main prehispanic cultures and the Muralist period.
  6. Natalia Cabarga, an art historian and your guide, will accompany you the whole tour and will explain aspects of the history, the art, culture, gastronomy, etc., of the place.


  • Art Historian
  • Coffee and drinks at the terrace of El Mayor restaurant
  • Entrance tickets to museums
  • Mezcal cocktail and insect snacks (you can choose without insects) at La casa de las Sirenas restaurant
  • Delicious hot chocolate from Oaxaca or very refreshing traditional Horchata water.


  • Duration: 2-3 Hours
  • The cost is in US Dollars
  • The cost is per person.
  • Children under eleven pay $15 USD for drinks and snacks along the tour.


  • Comfortable shoes and clothes
  • Hat or Umbrella