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Jesús on the right corner

Jesús on the right corner



Hello! My actual name is Jesús Andrés Fernández Burunat, most of the English-speaking part of my life (the last 19 years) people know me as Andrés. Being born and raised mostly in Mexico City, I grew up as Jesús or Chucho (common nickname) I am 47 years old. Having attended public Mexican Government schools left me with little to no knowledge of English language, however in my mid teen years I was “infected” Literally by Progressive Rock from the 70´s! Eager to understand the complex lyrics, I took on a dictionary and translated most of them.  Years later took a 6 month intensive grammar course that put me en route to change my life forever!

In early 2000, I got an offer to relocate to Puerto Vallarta to work as a time share sales rep. I was aware of the nature of the job, however it was a chance to practice my now 2nd language, meet new people and seek other opportunities. I took the chance, left Mexico City and just a month later I stumbled across an opportunity to work using my passion and love for Nature! After a short training period I became an Expedition Guide in the “Sierra Madre” Mountains. Leading groups of 10-12 people mostly from U.S and Canada  through an 8-9 hours full on, Historic ,Cultural, Gastronomic  experience of the life in the small villages, some of the most amazing and complex ecosystems, using an old and newly acquired knowledge of , plants , birds , reptiles, insects.

After about a year into guiding on April 2001, on the tour I met a Beautiful, smart, and big hearted Canadian girl named: Michelle… My better half, travel buddy, foodie sharer, nature lover, partner in Rescue (we are animal compassionate and have been part of dog rescue for the last 6 years…70 so far) and undoubtedly, soul mate for life!  After a year together in P.V we decided to go see the world. And man, did we! Lived 2 years in Shanghai, PRC, where besides figuring out life, held English conversation groups with some of the locals, mapped out by bicycle most bus routes and places of interest and the took on city guiding for friends and family of other overseas teachers of Yew Chung International School, where Michelle worked. Then 3 years in Malaysia. Once on that side of the planet, we took on independent travel. Asia, Africa, Europe, Indian Sub –Continent, Middle East, South East Asia.

Ending 2007, we moved back to P.V and in a heartbeat got my guiding job back. On April 2009 due to the mess H1N1 virus “Media” misinformation caused on tourism, thousands of reservations were cancelled, but then quickly rebooked, in some cases like Weddings... double booked! A friend of mine was the Head Minister for a large Destination Weddings outfit and at the same time had started his own Officiating business. He entrusted me very last minute with the very important role of Officiating of a Wedding! How did I do? 10 years later and over 800 Ceremonies Drafted, tailored and performed!

Obviously by relocating on July 2016 back to CDMX, I had to give up a portion of my Weddings, but soon enough Friends and family started to come. And out came the Tour Guide, this time not in the Tropical Forrest, but in a Concrete Jungle…and why not? I have done it In China without even speaking the local language, and pretty much everywhere we have been we really explored and experience the place fist hand, taking the local transport, walking as much as our feet can take, eating what and where the locals eat, exploring the markets, taking in the colors, the smells, street food stalls, night markets. But this time I’m much more familiar with the History, the Culture, the gastronomy, etc. It is my hometown, now I have this newly found love for Mexico, and especially for this amazing City!

From my point of view: Guiding is an “Art” a never ending work in progress! And being honest, my guiding in the Sierra Madre was light years better when I came back from traveling. Why? Well like all Arts…Inspiration! Just like good writers, good musicians inspire others. Good tour guides inspired me to do better, influenced by their knowledge, enthusiasm, I became the best I could be!

So, my next step had to be: Getting close to the guides environment of this city. Made some call and I was told the best Professional guides school is the “Adolfo Lopez Mateos” I am 1 module away from completing the full course for:  Federal Licensed Tour guide of CDMX.